Congratulations on your decision to Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur!
Congratulations on your decision to Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur!
June 26th - 28th 2020

Just outside Sydney
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f. I feel a strong sense of connectedness to all lives.*
g. I am clear about what the purpose of my life is.*
h. I want to contribute and change the world for the better.*
i. I am open to new ideas and possibilities.*
Over the years I have observed that committed students of the Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur fall into two categories:
A. Those who experience rapid and life-changing breakthroughs in various areas - from their work performance to their health and fitness, to their ability to bend reality.
B. Those who experience modest growth, and may still be wrestling with some of the same issues they had when they first started.

Which category do you usually sit in when you are learning something new or adapting to new concepts? A or B? *
On a scale of 1 – 10 how would you rate the current state, power and control of your - Mindset (how you think)?*
On a scale of 1 – 10 how would you rate the current state, power and control of your - Heartset (how you love)?*
On a scale of 1 – 10 how would you rate the current state, power and control of your - Healthset (your strength and vitality)?*
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AU $3995
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There are four things that make this retreat 
There are four things that make this retreat one-of-a-kind:
First-Class Experience
  • ​You will be lodging in stunning 5-Star beachside accommodations
  • ​All your meals and refreshments will be provided from an exclusive, award-winning chef 
  • ​Wine pairings with the meals
Fast-Track Your Transformation
  • ​Work directly with Pauline and her panel of vetted mentors, partners and peers so you don’t have to spend years searching for the best answers
  • ​Dive deeper into the secrets of Mindset, Heartset, Healthset, and Soulset to align your core purpose and find fulfilment
  • ​No boring meditations! Learn how to train your mind to access your subconscious to manifest your dreams, as well as revolutionary breathing techniques that instantly provide inner calm, courage and will power.
  • ​Experience the ancient art of Qigong to release old blocks and open channels for energy to flow more freely
Community of Like-Minded Souls
  • ​Expand your network and meet other wine-drinking, irreverent entrepreneurs and leaders who are deeply committed to expanding their consciousness
  • ​Share your experiences and insights with a unique collective of entrepreneurs who will relate and probably have the same questions, so you’re not trying to transform in isolation
  • ​This will be a ‘no-complainers zone,’ so everyone in attendance will be the right people in the room to uplift one another
Learn in an Interactive Environment
  • ​Small, intimate group sessions for powerful in-depth learning and meaningful conversation
  • ​Stimulating discussions that challenge, question, and re-engineer how you think about and approach your business and your life
  • ​Create your personal path – your own personal road map for YOUR Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur.
Want some freebies with your retreat? 
Pauline wants the retreat to be everything you hope it will be and then even more. She is known for over delivering! She’s giving you this treasure trove of bonuses to make sure you will be on a spiritual pathway that includes support and accountability.
  • FREE Enneagram Personality Profile consultation
  • ​Everyone gets a FREE Spiritual Entrepreneur check-up call 1-1 with Pauline after the retreat
  • ​Fast-tracked application to the Spiritual Entrepreneur’s Inner Circle
  • ​VIP ticket for the upcoming Spiritual Entrepreneurs Round Table at Red Lantern
  • ​Access to Pauline’s ‘Rolodex’ of Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Spiritual Teachers, Mentors, and Inner Circle
Valued over $2K, you get all of this for free as soon as you sign up for the retreat. 
Very limited seats available for intimate small group atmosphere
Reserve your spot today to avoid missing out!
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